VLSP-SHARED Task: Hate Speech Detection on Social Networks

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VLSP-SHARED Task: Hate Speech Detection on Social Networks

On social network sites (SNSs), such as Facebook, Twitter, the threat of abuse and harassment online makes many SNS users stop expressing themselves as well as seeking different opinions. This problem is not trivial to be handled. And SNSs have been struggling with it. For example, to overcome the problem, SNSs make a common act of limiting or even completely shutting down the user post/comment functions in some communities producing “not-clean” content. This, however, further creates an issue of blocking “clean” content produced by the same communities.

In this shared-task, we aim at solving the problem of detecting hate content on SNSs to support more effective conversations on SNSs. In this task, the hate content is defined as contents that are rude, disrespectful or otherwise likely to make someone leave a discussion or feel unpleasant when reading them.


Participants are allowed to use any public pre-trained models as long as they report on the forum’s thread.